Thursday, September 24, 2009

the final 5!

It's true, Hannah Montana is safe. Yes, I know, it's a disappointment to many but the world will not be saved from Miley Cyrus just yet. Only 10% of the voters picked Miley to be permanently marooned on Mars. Miley erupted with tears of joy and wails of "Daddy, Daddy your Miley is coming home!" then she sharply turned to Elisabeth and said, "in yo' face Hasselbeck!".

Cyrus, packed her belongings amid the trash, (the place has become a pig sty since Rachel Ray left) and headed off to her reward, a sleep pod in the rescue ship.

Only 5 are left! It's getting harder and harder to find redeeming qualities among those who remain and now you can only vote for 2 people you'd like to 'Strand on Mars'. Time to vote in round 6!

Here's the run down of who has been saved so far:
Round 1: Reese Witherspoon
Round 2: Levi Johnston
Round 3: Joe Jonas
Round 4: Rachel Ray
Round 5: Miley Cyrus
Round 6: ?
Round 7: ?
Final Round: ? and ?

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